Month: February 2017


Tell Us Your Story! Tell BodyRenu about your experience with BioIdentical Hormone Replacement with Pellets.  Share your story with us, if we use your testimonial you will receive a $25.00 credit toward any of our products or services. Write Your Testimonial In the “Leave a Reply” section below, type your name, a pseudo name ( such as, “Tara B.” or “Super Charged” to protect your identity) and contact information (email address and/or phone number) so we can thank you for sharing your experience. Click “Post Comment” to submit your testimonial. How It Works To be eligible you must have received hormone therapy at BodyRenu before February 22, 2017. Replies to this blog are not automatically posted to the public. We review each reply, remove personal information, and determine which testimonials will be used for the “Tell Us Your Story” promotion. If your testimonial is used in our blog or website before April 1, 2017 you will receive a $25.00 credit towards your choice of BodyRenu products and/or services. We reserve the right to use any testimonial after April 1, 2017 without...

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Talking Wellness with Holly Love

An Interview with Dr. Brian J Rodgers about Bio-Identical Hormones Transcript: Welcome to Talk365 special Talking Wellness series.  Today I’m back at BodyRenu with Dr. Brian Rodgers. Holly: Dr. Rodgers how are you? Dr. Rodgers: I doing great, how are you today? Holly: I’m doing great! I am so excited to be here today because we are talking about something near and dear to my heart, which is Bio-Identical Hormones. Dr. Rodgers: One of my favorite subjects. Holly: One of mine too.  Now, I’m one that suffered with anxiety greatly, and I was always tired, and I didn’t know what was wrong.  I tried anti-depressants, I tried taking anxiety medication. None of those things worked, obviously.  Once I found the pellet therapy… the bio-identical pellet therapy, I’m telling you it changed my life, in more ways than we can get into right now. We don’t have enough time to talk about how great this has been for me, personally And for anyone I know as I have reached out and started talking to people about Hormone therapy. So I want to jump in and find out what exactly is Bio-Identical hormones? Dr. Rodgers: bioidentical hormones are the same hormones that our human bodies make. It’s not what a horse makes. It’s not what a hamster makes. It’s not what scientists make. It what our own bodies make and it’s what...

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