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Although each patient has a unique and individual experience, one patients journey stands out  in my mind. She experienced many of the same symptoms described in the video. Read the story to see how one life has changed for the better at BodyRenu.


 A few words from one of our amazing patients

After four years of telling my doctor something was just not right, I made the jump to a Functional Medicine Doctor. Four years, you ask? Yes, I was taught to believe and have faith in my doctor. After all he was the doctor who helped me through a miscarriage, delivered my last baby, and helped me through polyps in my uterus. I trusted him. So why was I leaving after all the history we shared?
His conventional treatments were no longer working for me, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories. I had to do what was best for my health. Years of headaches, body aches, brain fog, fatigue, afternoon naps, and a spare tire around my mid-section led me on a quest to find a provider that was willing to take my hand and walk with me as we figured out what the best approach would be for me.
I met with Dr. Brian Rodgers at BodyRenu in Bountiful Utah. After my initial evaluation with him I knew I had found the Doctor for me. He and I had a discussion about my symptoms and what my expectations were. We talked about my desire to stop taking prescription medication for sleep and depression. We agreed the best route was to gather all the information needed and get the blood work before making any changes to my healthcare plan.
The bloodwork revealed a lot. First off, this bloodwork was unlike any other I have ever experienced. Second, the review of the bloodwork was equally impressive. Discussing all 12 pages of my results took longer than any doctor visit that I have had before. My Thyroid levels were low, Vitamin D very low, Inflammation high, and, believe it or not, I was in menopause. At first thought I was like WOO HOO no more periods, but 42 years old and full on in menopause? All this time my previous doctor was telling me for “someone my age” my numbers were normal.
I have long tried to take care of my body naturally. So, after doing some research, AKA: searching the internet, I decided to give bioidentical hormone replacement a try. Dr. Rodgers offers individual dosing with a pellet that goes under the skin. This sounded appealing to me, no messy creams, no transferring hormones onto my family or pets, and no weird troches to suck on. Estrogen and Testosterone individually dosed just for me. Not just a one size fits most approach to my healthcare.
I went to the office on my lunch break. I walked in desperate for relief and 15 minutes later I left with a numb hip, an ice pack and hope for my health. The procedure was quick and pretty much pain free. The nurse was great at keeping me occupied while the doctor placed the hormones and bandage. I went back to work and my fellow employees were none the wiser. About a week or so later I felt more energy and my quick witty charm had returned. 😉 After about 5 weeks, I had some basic blood work done to make sure the levels of estrogen and testosterone were where the doctor wanted them.
Well much to my surprise I was no longer in the normal range I was in the OPTIMAL range on my Thyroid, Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone. I hadn’t felt this great is about 20 years. Headaches, gone. Body aches, gone. Brain fog, gone! My skin looked amazing and I had pep in my step.
Now I know not everyone out there has the same symptoms as me or will have the same result as I have had. This is just a run down on what I did and what worked for me. First and foremost, take charge of your healthcare. Get out there and get answers to what concerns you. And lastly, find someone who takes you and your issues seriously. You can feel better and live better.

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